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Hi! How are you doing ? I wanted to share a cool DIY project I worked on a few weeks back. I was sifting through ideas to get my home closer to looking what I wanted it to look like when I moved here. After the initial setting up of things, and before we bought new stuff to populate the many vacant areas, I thought I'd first do something about objects lying idle and put them to good use. I started  with a remnant of a previously owned (and long separated) aquarium: its stand. I was practically stuck with the wrought-iron piece for over two years. While the aquarium was long gone, it had left behind its metallic abode to anti-decorate my previous living space and now this one! This sorry piece of metal was languishing in some corner of my house, gathering dust and my ire. The reason I did not dispose it off is...well...I don't know. To think of it now, may be it was because it had to transform into this new avtaar.

I had been craving for a bedside table for sometime now. When …
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French Aesthetics for your home : Budget-friendly and easy Home Decor DIY

Happy New Year! This is my first post in the new year. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I have been taking up some writing projects and doing up my house in between. Last week I visited few nurseries around this place. I am in the middle of landscaping the backyard here, well, better-half has been away for quite sometime now. 

Yesterday I got few plants for my front yard, few potted plants to start with. This time I wanted to keep my decor white. I have kept few white flower pots on my window sill. Aren't these looking beautiful ?

Just add a coat of white paint on your regular pots and there you have it! French aesthetics for your home :)
All you need is some supplies -

A paint brush
White paint 
A dusting cloth
Emery paper
Few sheets of newspaper
Painting gloves
A pot for mixing
Flower pots

First things first. Put on your gloves and wear an apron.
Clean your flower pots first with emery paper then with a dusting cloth to remove all the dirt. Emery paper will make the surface even…

Tips for a budget-friendly home makeover

Who said a great home decor costs a fortune ? In fact it costs nothing! All it requires is zeal for reinvention. Small decorating DIY projects and recreating from what you already have can give brand new look to your space. Learn how to combine affordable ideas and easy bargains to create a decor which looks like it is straight from a professional interior decorator. Browse these ideas and hit flea market & discount stores  to discover  affordable treasures for your home. 

Flea markets treasures:
Hidden finds from flea market can create a picture-perfect home. Thrift store furnitures, vintage photo-frames, antique ceramics, vintage artworks and old lamps can be reused to create an antique charm to your home. You just need to go with the flow of your creative ideas!

 Recreate old furniture with DIY ideas

Someone's trash could be someone else's treasure. A neglected piece of table can be revamped with a coat of color.These beautiful pieces of furniture look like brand new thank…

Home Tour : Classic Indian home decor

Hello November! My favorite month of the year has finally arrived. Here in India, it is a month of subtle winter and balmy sun. A wonderful month to make your home cozy and vibrant. With lot of projects on my plate, I am going to start with inspirational interiors. I have rounded up some amazing home tours to make this month a lot brighter.

Today I am going to share few pictures of a beautiful home. The person behind this interior inspiration is one of my good friends, Shrinkhala Dixit. She is a woman with many hats. A hospital management professional, renowned make-up artist and a caring mother of two adorable children; she has an amazing skill of creating new ways to decorate her home. She lives in a four room apartment in a high rise in Lucknow- India's city of Nawabs.

Shrinkhala has designed every bit of her spacious abode. Her house is a classic example of Indian style of home decor. The interiors exhibit vibrant textiles and furniture giving this home an ethnic appeal.

The …

Indian festivals and decor : Painting Diyas

The festival of lights- Diwali is there. Back to back festivals make me dizzy sometimes. Festivals come with hectic schedule. One has to shop for puja things, decoration items and ingredients for cooking savouries for the festival. Lot of guests come over and you have to tidy up your house making it presentable for the festival. In chennai, local people do not celebrate diwali like us- the north indians. I had a hard time locating shop where I could get the idols of Ganesh and Lakshmi. Finally I could get one along with other puja things at a shop here. I have not yet made any sweets. I am planning to make gulab jamuns and some salty savouries.

I have loads of things going in my mind. I have to make rangolis too for the entrance.I started painting these diyas yesterday. Today I have completed the ones which I will be using for puja. Here are some of them:
Important tips :
You must soak diyas in water and let them dry completely before you paint them. I used regular acrylic colors. You…

Craft ideas for small canvas

These days you can find cute small canvas in craft stores. It is an excellent base for mixed media projects. Here I have used acrylic paints, small twig, clay, paper-flower and stickers from itsy-bitsy. Making bird with clay is very easy. I forgot to take video this time. However I will post the step-by-step video tutorial seperately soon.You can find lots of videos on youtube as well. I pasted the stickers and then used sponge to create the dotted effect on canvas. The small twig is glued on the surface using hot-glue along with the tiny paper flower and bird. Hope you liked it :)

How to draw Mandala designs ?

Mandala is an intricate art form. The usual patterns of mandala are drawn in a circle along with some motifs likes lotus petals and leaves. It is a Sanskrit word which means 'circle'. Mandala is an ancient art which has been used throughout various cultures as a method of self-expression. Its main purpose is to promote self-growth along with spiritual transformation. Mandala Art finds its utmost significance in Buddhism. It has been used in this religion since thousands of years for spiritual transformation and healing. Mandala is an excellent form of meditative art in present time as well. This art can be learnt by anyone who has little interest in drawing. However, even if you are not comfortable with drawing, you can buy drawing books which contain mandala patterns. You can practice these patterns and slowly you will be able to draw few patterns yourself.

I have tried to use the geometric and organic patterns in my Mandala Art. The supplies are black ball-point pen and few…