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Bamboo craft in Assam

I was living at an amazing place, Assam before coming to NCR, yet another amazing place! Assam, or commonly known as northeast is full of tranquility, greenery, tea and the hero of them all-bamboo. Bamboo is put to innumerable uses by locals belonging to the 'seven sisters'. From timber to furniture, from utensils to curry, bamboo rules! Just when I thought that the world has finished taking this humble grass plant through all transformations there probably are, I surprised myself with an idea, "How about a bamboo candle?", I asked myself. A week later I came up with this, my first bamboo candle. These candles can be used as a corner-piece for that vacant corner in your living room yearning for an occupation. Or, most simply, it can light up your personal space. Not to mention, it is great gift for someone who likes nature and treasures its rewards.If you would like to have any of these pieces for your home,  send me a message or you can like artmasaala page for more…