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Weekend Inspiration : Some art for the weekend

This is one of my favourite projects which I started about three weeks back. I wanted to do some colored zentangle art on a very ethnic subject. Choosing this pattern was one of the results of this thought.  After completing the entire thing, it took me long to choose colors for the painting. It was inspired by, 'The Hymn for the Weekend' song! I wanted it to be colorful, ethnic and yet soothing. So here I am with my new painting:

My husband took this photo while I was busy giving final touches to the painting.

This is a closer look.

Phew!!! finally it is done :) And it adores my sideboard :)

Crafting is fun: Easy gift/jewellery box

Today I am going to do some magic with aluminium foil.The humble aluminum foil! Yes you got me right. Today I am going to tell you some easy craft with one of the popular things used in our kitchens. This nicely decorated box can be made using supplies from your craft stash.

The supplies which we are going to need :
Aluminium foil An empty cardboard box ( you can take a cereal box too) Glue Hot glue gun Liquid shoe polish ( black/brown) A pen 
 The empty cardboard box
 Other supplies :

Procedure :
Choose any design which you like and draw on the box. I chose a simple design. If you want, you can draw intricate designs as well . After drawing on all the sides, outline it with hot glue gun. Let it dry completely. It looks like the picture below:

This is a closer look:

After the hot glue dries completely, generously spread craft glue on the entire surface of the box. Cover it with aluminium foil.

Cover all sides of the box.

Now take a Q-tip and using light pressure, emboss the design on…