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My home my garden

I have always wanted to have a corner in my house where I can read, dream and do things which I love to do. It could be inside my house, at the backyard or even on the terrace; i'm not too particular about that. One thing remains constant though, my absolute love for greenery. My idea of a prefect home is a place which affords me at least one quiet corner where I can stand and feel the breeze. It should be a place where I can smell lilies and jasmines! It should be  a place where I can bask in lush shades of green.
They say that plants give you positive energy; I say, yes it is true!
I have been lucky enough to get balconies and gardens in all my homes, whichever the place.  And I even though there are problems in shifting and moving from one place to another but its does not bother me much because this is how I am. Simply put I love to travel and most of the times in a year, you can find me travelling.
After living close to three years in Assam, me and my husband moved to Delhi.…

African Safari at my home

Lately I discovered a small set of furniture at a road-side shop while driving from dharamsala to Delhi. As you come down from the hills from Dharamsala and hit the low-land, you can see small furniture shops which sell loads of wooden crafts as well. Now coming on to what caught my eyes was a table and two stools, which were made from small logs of wood. The stools were beautifully made and were straightaway put in my shopping cart! I could not get away with the feeling of buying this table for my house due to its raw look. And I bought this piece of my African Safari for my home.
After coming back, I placed the furniture by the side of my large window in my living room. A small pot of my ivy plant in blue pottery now adorns the wooden table. Here I have used a yellow cloth, however, it is best to keep it naked so that the feel of real wood is not eclipsed.