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How to use empty bottles : Doodling and other things

I have been barely blogging these days. The reason being I am still getting used to my new schedule. I go for French classes then come back and have hardly any time left for blogs. French is such an interesting language and so different from English. I wish I could have learnt it before. Nevertheless, it is never too late to learn a new language...

This saturday I firmly decided to do some doodling. I have many bottles which I have collected from my several trips to 'The Frozen Bottle' shakes shop. They have those cute jars and bottles which can be used in many ways. I generally pick few flowers from shop every weekend and use these bottles to decorate my small corners as cute vases. It looks so tidy and economical too.

I painted this bottle with acrylic paint after wiping it nicely with a cotton cloth. I used teal color as I wanted to doodle uses black color. So the contrast you know!  I used permanent marker pens for doodling.  Tip : Do not use too much pressure while doodl…
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How to decorate bottles and mason jars : Weekend Project

I believe upcycling old things make the most beautiful creations. I am a person who loves vintage decor, art and crafts. Here is another DIY I did with this empty bottle. I painted it in acrylic colours and made patterns like vintage tiles. It looked so elegant when I placed it on my side table. It matched so well with the turquoise elephant!

Things to keep in mind when painting a glass bottle :
Clean the bottle nicely by soaking in hot water for an hour. Scrape the labels with the help of a knife.Wipe and dry the bottlePaint a base coat of white Paint the second coat Dry the base coats properly in sun.Draw any design with the help of marker pens available in marketPaint carefully with the help of brush ( I have used zero number acrylic paint brush from Itsybitsy )I have used Camel Artist's acrylic colors in turquoise, white and shades of blue
So next time when you want to throw that mason jar or bottle, think again and get it DIYed. Happy crafting!

How to make Paper Peonies

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Today we are going to learn how to make paper peonies. These peonies look gorgeous and are very easy to make. As the festival season is approaching, these paper peonies would definitely accentuate your home. These make excellent gifting options too. So let us begin.

You will need duplex paper and few other supplies. In India you can get these things from craft stores like Itsybitsy.

Craft supplies which you will need :

Any color crepe paper in two color ( for petals and core )Scissors Floral tapeGlue gunFloral wire for stem
Cut the crepe paper just the way it is shown in the picture. Here I have taken yellow crepe paper for petals and white for making the core of peony. Cut approximately 12 large and 6 small petals shapes. Make a heart shaped for making the center petal. Scrunch all the petals with the help of scissors to give a natural look. Gently stretch the center of each petals with your thumb so that a depression forms at the center. Now make t…

DIY Paper Flowers : How to Make Paper Daisies

Hi there!

I am addicted to paper flowers these days.It is a beautiful weather here as it is raining since morning. I love rains because it is the time when you can sit by the side of your window and do so many creative things. I have this small table by my window-side wherein I have all sorts of things. Sometimes it is messy with my paper supplies, books, paints and canvas.
I made paper daisies this morning when I was feeling little bored with my usual writing work. Below is the detailed procedure on how I made these pretty daisies. You can also refer to the picture tutorial for better understanding.

You will need : Floral tape in green color
Crepe paper in two colors : yellow and peach
Floral wires

How to make Paper Daises

Here I have taken light peachy shade but you can always take white or yellow as well, for making petals. Cut a wide strip of peach/white/yellow paper. Make a zig-zag pattern on each side of this strip ( check the picture tutorial ) with the help of sci…


Hi! How are you doing ? I wanted to share a cool DIY project I worked on a few weeks back. I was sifting through ideas to get my home closer to looking what I wanted it to look like when I moved here. After the initial setting up of things, and before we bought new stuff to populate the many vacant areas, I thought I'd first do something about objects lying idle and put them to good use. I started  with a remnant of a previously owned (and long separated) aquarium: its stand. I was practically stuck with the wrought-iron piece for over two years. While the aquarium was long gone, it had left behind its metallic abode to anti-decorate my previous living space and now this one! This sorry piece of metal was languishing in some corner of my house, gathering dust and my ire. The reason I did not dispose it off is...well...I don't know. To think of it now, may be it was because it had to transform into this new avtaar.

I had been craving for a bedside table for sometime now. When …

French Aesthetics for your home : Budget-friendly and easy Home Decor DIY

Happy New Year! This is my first post in the new year. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I have been taking up some writing projects and doing up my house in between. Last week I visited few nurseries around this place. I am in the middle of landscaping the backyard here, well, better-half has been away for quite sometime now. 

Yesterday I got few plants for my front yard, few potted plants to start with. This time I wanted to keep my decor white. I have kept few white flower pots on my window sill. Aren't these looking beautiful ?

Just add a coat of white paint on your regular pots and there you have it! French aesthetics for your home :)
All you need is some supplies -

A paint brush
White paint 
A dusting cloth
Emery paper
Few sheets of newspaper
Painting gloves
A pot for mixing
Flower pots

First things first. Put on your gloves and wear an apron.
Clean your flower pots first with emery paper then with a dusting cloth to remove all the dirt. Emery paper will make the surface even…

Tips for a budget-friendly home makeover

Who said a great home decor costs a fortune ? In fact it costs nothing! All it requires is zeal for reinvention. Small decorating DIY projects and recreating from what you already have can give brand new look to your space. Learn how to combine affordable ideas and easy bargains to create a decor which looks like it is straight from a professional interior decorator. Browse these ideas and hit flea market & discount stores  to discover  affordable treasures for your home. 

Flea markets treasures:
Hidden finds from flea market can create a picture-perfect home. Thrift store furnitures, vintage photo-frames, antique ceramics, vintage artworks and old lamps can be reused to create an antique charm to your home. You just need to go with the flow of your creative ideas!

 Recreate old furniture with DIY ideas

Someone's trash could be someone else's treasure. A neglected piece of table can be revamped with a coat of color.These beautiful pieces of furniture look like brand new thank…