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DIY with empty jars

I have been an avid collector of homemade jams and jellies during my trips to different places. Recently, I relocated to Delhi and was busy unpacking ; during the process, I found several cute preserve-bottles of different sizes and shapes lying unused since long. I started by rinsing and cleaning them for potential DIY. Sometimes DIY  is much simpler than we often think it to be. Today I am going to share a few DIY crafts on empty glass jars which can be  used later as a vase, candle holder or simply for storage.

Glitter and glue magic on glass jar
Here are the steps:
1) Take an empty glass jar of any size. Wash it thoroughly  and remove the label by immersing it in detergent and hot water solution for at least half an hour. After half an hour, you can easily peel of the label without any effort. Now dry your bottle by wiping off excess water and keeping it in sun for few minutes. After it has dried fully, give a final wipe with a dry cloth. Your bottle is ready for its make-over.