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Everything inspiring

Casper, my dog loves camera :)

It has been really cold since morning. I did not do much today except spening some time in the garden with Casper, my dog. Sun was shining, though not very brightly as it was a little cloudy. But it was good to sit and feel the softness of this winter sun. I must humbly say that I am lucky to have a garden. It is a place where I can sit and watch birds chirping and bathing in small water puddles, and squirrels running around chasing one another. What more would you want when your garden is an abode for peacocks, cuckoos and parrots.
Creeper shining beautifully in sunlight :)

Ruskin Bond in one of his writings says -
Live close to nature and you will never feel lonely. Don't drive those sparrows out of your verandah; they won't hack into your computer. 

Today I was reading a famous poem by William Wordsworth, known as ' Daffodils'. I had read this poem long time back during my school days. I would like to quote one p…


My fascination towards collecting handmade things took me to the famous Saturday night market in Arpora, Goa. The market, as the name goes, starts at about six every Saturday evening and continues till late in the night. I was awestruck by the sight of the wares on sale. It had almost everything ranging from home decor items to clothes and a variety of silver and stone jewellery. Seeking to satiate a curio-collector's apetite, my eyes caught the sight of something I'd been looking for since a long time. They were the colourful dreamcatchers hanging  at one of the many shops run by foreigners in the night market. I bought one with blue and pink feathers as it appeared more quainty to my eyes than others displayed in the shop.  Dreamcatchers were initially conceptualised by Native American people to filter good dreams from bad ones. These are made from leather, twine, feathers and a loop.  Here's the picture of my dreamcatcher.