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Stenciling on fabric : A beginners tutorial

Hello Peeps,

I have been very irregular on the blog these days. Past one year has been with ups and downs and recently we moved to Chennai. We drove down 2100 km from Delhi to Chennai with our dog. It was quite a journey in our small car with him. Settling down in this climate was literally difficult for all of us. All my energies were put into adapting to this place. Eventually we have adjusted to this temperature and place. With a steady internet connection, I am back to my virtual world.

Recently I got this cute stencil with my box of colors. This stencil can be used on any surface. I planned to use it on a white fabric cloth.You can find stick-on stencils in shops also. These can be glued on the surface of fabric and can reuse them number of times. You can choose any pattern you like, mine was a scorpion shaped stencil.

Here is a small beginner tutorial on how to use stencil on a  fabric cloth. You can also click on the link provided below to see the step-by-step procedure.

Take a…