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Art from soul : The Celest

The world of colors appears fascinating to me. Whenever I bump into any stationary store, all I like to do is to go to their art and craft section. And I always find something to buy, although my drawers are exploding with such stuff if I may humbly say so. Among all the types of colors, I find water-colors as a very subtle and yet very prominent medium to do any art form. Moreover you don't have to use them in large amounts as acrylic or oil paints. Only a little bit and some water and there you go!

Lately I have discovered my interest in 'Zentangle' art form. Zentangle is a modified form of doodle. Doodle or scribble is any kind of drawing which is made when a person is occupied in some other thoughts. Modern day sciences have discovered that Zentangle is a therapeutic drawing which improves concentration of mind. 
I started my first zentangle drawing in the beginning of this year. I painted a zentangle elephant which I have shared in my previous post. These drawings ta…

If you love pens- Print a pen!

Chennai is an interesting place with interesting culture and likeable people. I have been here for a month and I can say that I am already loving it :).I am originally from North India but after my marriage I have converted into a person who does not belong to any particular place :D My husband's job takes me to the places known and unknown, to the lands seen and unseen! I have been loving this journey so far...
Now coming back to today's agenda :D

Last weekend while I was looking for some household stuff I just bumped into this shop with an interesting name - The Pen House. If I may humbly confess, I am a prolific hoarder of stationary items. The child inside me beams with joy when it sees a car shaped eraser or a hooded-pencil.This shop had a variety of pens. Polka dotted pink colored pens, bat shaped pens, tennis racket shaped, pens with flower heads, small pens, big pens, all kinds of pens. The girl on the shop told me that she could print anything on the pens using a las…