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How to decorate a photo-frame : Tips

Who doesn't love collecting memories? Anyone who loves relishing moments loves photos. Photo-frames are an excellent gift for any occasion. And there are ways in which you can customise your photo-frames according to the likes of the person you are gifting them to. Here I have discussed some of the methods to decorate picture frames.

Tips to decorate a photo-frame :

When you are thinking to decorate any simple photo-frame, here are few supplies which can be used. Shells, beads, paints, stones and even different colored sand and glitters. You can choose any of these things to decorate your frames.

I bought a simple photo-frame from itsy-bitsy. I had thought of making something out of it, but did not figure out what it would be. I collected quite a number of shells from the beaches of Goa last year. Pink and white, small and big shells.

I cleaned all the shells and pasted on to the frame with the help of glue. There is no rocket science, you just have to be little patient. Stick th…