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French Aesthetics for your home : Budget-friendly and easy Home Decor DIY

Happy New Year! This is my first post in the new year. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I have been taking up some writing projects and doing up my house in between. Last week I visited few nurseries around this place. I am in the middle of landscaping the backyard here, well, better-half has been away for quite sometime now. 

Yesterday I got few plants for my front yard, few potted plants to start with. This time I wanted to keep my decor white. I have kept few white flower pots on my window sill. Aren't these looking beautiful ?

Just add a coat of white paint on your regular pots and there you have it! French aesthetics for your home :)
All you need is some supplies -

A paint brush
White paint 
A dusting cloth
Emery paper
Few sheets of newspaper
Painting gloves
A pot for mixing
Flower pots

First things first. Put on your gloves and wear an apron.
Clean your flower pots first with emery paper then with a dusting cloth to remove all the dirt. Emery paper will make the surface even…