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DIY Paper Flowers : How to Make Paper Daisies

Hi there!

I am addicted to paper flowers these days.It is a beautiful weather here as it is raining since morning. I love rains because it is the time when you can sit by the side of your window and do so many creative things. I have this small table by my window-side wherein I have all sorts of things. Sometimes it is messy with my paper supplies, books, paints and canvas.
I made paper daisies this morning when I was feeling little bored with my usual writing work. Below is the detailed procedure on how I made these pretty daisies. You can also refer to the picture tutorial for better understanding.

You will need : Floral tape in green color
Crepe paper in two colors : yellow and peach
Floral wires

How to make Paper Daises

Here I have taken light peachy shade but you can always take white or yellow as well, for making petals. Cut a wide strip of peach/white/yellow paper. Make a zig-zag pattern on each side of this strip ( check the picture tutorial ) with the help of sci…