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How to use empty bottles : Doodling and other things

I have been barely blogging these days. The reason being I am still getting used to my new schedule. I go for French classes then come back and have hardly any time left for blogs. French is such an interesting language and so different from English. I wish I could have learnt it before. Nevertheless, it is never too late to learn a new language...

This saturday I firmly decided to do some doodling. I have many bottles which I have collected from my several trips to 'The Frozen Bottle' shakes shop. They have those cute jars and bottles which can be used in many ways. I generally pick few flowers from shop every weekend and use these bottles to decorate my small corners as cute vases. It looks so tidy and economical too.

I painted this bottle with acrylic paint after wiping it nicely with a cotton cloth. I used teal color as I wanted to doodle uses black color. So the contrast you know!  I used permanent marker pens for doodling.  Tip : Do not use too much pressure while doodl…